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Founder & Strategist 

I'm Elena, founder and CEO of F1rstly Marketing. I've always had a passion for marketing and always knew I wanted to help people, but didn't know how I could do it. I went from being a full time college student by day & waitress by night living in NYC, to having built my dream life in Los Angeles helping ambitious brands! 

I've always valued authenticity, open communication, and a unique approach to things, and I carry these principles with me everywhere I go, as well as in my business.
I've worked with big brands that have been featured in the mean and are franchising around the country, as well as built accounts from 0.

I'm a total planner at heart, I need my coffee in the mornings, and I enjoy an occasional Mojito on weekends.

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Social Media Manager/VA

Hi, I’m Taiya!

I help brands grow through strong social marketing and strategy. I am passionate about making social media fun while still being authentic and true to your brand.

My favorite thing is to be inspired and create beautiful things- in my personal life and in business.

In my free time you can find me playing with my baby girl, traveling, working on personal growth and being creative!