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An online course to attract high-level clients!

Straw Bag

Let's be real here...

You are an entrepreneur, and you are figuring it out! 

You've downloaded all those freebies, but are you really seeing the results you want?

Are you stuck with the endless cycle of guessing games and the feast and famine cycle?

Is this you right now?

No idea how to present yourself an authority?

Consistently burnt-out but not making consistent income?

Have 100+ freebie library that gives you 0 results?

Struggling with branding and messaging?

Have no work-life balance?

Glasses and Notebook

this isn't just your ordinary course 😉

We do things differently. We go over EVERYTHING so you can set your proper foundations.

We prove results are possible. Just ask my clients!

I provide you with PDFs so you can put these tips to work

I give you 400 templates so you never have to stress about designing content again

Hi! I'm Elena

I'm a social media manager based in LA! And hey, looking back in my life just a couple years ago, I would've never thought I'd be where I am today. If you know me, you know I used to live in Brooklyn, NYC in a basement apartment with mice, which we later lost to hurricane Sandy, along with all our stuff.

Now? I'm living in my dream luxury apartment in LA, about to quit my day-job, and on track to buy my dream house& car next year!

But it's not all about me! I'm also doing what I love! Serving people and seeing their lives change like mine did, well there's nothing like it!


pay in full

497 usd

payment plan

3 monthly payments of 180 usd


Hey, I used to be there too!

24/7 stress about where your next client is going to come from and your call calendar is wide open

Downloading 100+ freebies and still seeing no results. You want to see results, but you don't know how

Being scared to invest in something even thought deep down you'll get the results you want.

Playing the guessing game for so long that you're thinking of quitting because it doesn't work.

here's the real deal

In this course, you get proven techniques, PDFs, templates, and live examples. Designed for all learning styles, you will walk away with a step-by-step actionable plan to get those dream high-level clients and make your desired income.


does your current process look like this?


Trying new things hoping for success?


Looking at other account, copying and pasting their content and hashtags?


Spending way too much time looking for leads and not getting paid for any of it


Launching new things, DMing new leads, and just hearing crickets?

Refreshing Juices

Imagine if


Your ideal clients coming to you instead of you chasing them down


You have an exact step by step plan that yiels results, (hello $5 months!)


Launching your new offer and it selling out like hot cakes


finally quitting your 9-5 because your business is booming!

you, throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something sticks, no plan, no results, stressed and burnt out.

You starting the course, implementing everything step-by-step, seeing results, and achieving all your windest goalsss!

you finally investing in yourself and your future, trying out high-level mastery, and excited to change your life.

the process

Copy of OMA_ product mockup (3).png


4 modules and 16 videos

400 templates

($2,000 value)
($500 value)

15+ workbooks

($1500 value)

Complete high-level client acquisition guide

($600 value)
White Objects

This can be you, too

My first year I hit my income goal + more

I helped my client get 3 clients in 1 week with these methods!

My brick and mortar client got 15K+ views on their first reel and analytics shot up +400%!

I cut my work time in half, about to quit my day job, and buying my dream house next year!

Is this for you?
You are ready to hit your income goals!
You are ready to put in the work and get that 💸
You aren't scared to invest in yourself because you know it'll be worth it!
You want dream clients only and are attracting them only and not settling for less!
You're willing to bet on yourself to quit your job and build the life you want.
Untitled design (11).png
What people are saying

payment plan

3 monthly payments of 180 usd

pay in full

497 usd

Fashion Model
Module 1
Understanding your ICA fully
top 3 platforms to find high-level clients
Engagement strategy to attract prospects
Workbooks & PDFs for each lesson
Module 2
High-level client attracting content creation
Different types of content and understanding them
Hashtag lesson, no more copying hashtags!
Understanding the different types of buyers and how to cater to them
Your winning launch strategy to be fully booked!
400+ Canva templates (hello more free time!)
Workbooks and PDFs for each lesson
Module 3
Branding and positioning as a luxury business
DIY your brand- attract your high-level clients through your brand
Do your own luxury photoshoot! Step-by-step guide to a brand shoot
Spend less time on content creation and how to repurpose content!
Complete stories training- how to become the authority of your niche
Workbooks and PDFs for each lesson
Module 4
Streamline and automate your business for the long term
How to re-use content for different platforms
SOPs and automations to boost productivity
Work less and make more with time-saving strategies
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