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10 things to ask yourself when creating content for your business!

Creating content for social media as a business owner has become increasingly more strategy based.

With the rise of short form video on platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, the demand for this content and the rate at which it is being consumed has increased dramatically over just the last few years.

As a business owner looking to not only exist in the social media realm, but also to thrive in it, it's crucial to assess certain aspects when creating content. I've compiled a list of the top 10 aspects that have to be established and get clear on prior to creating content for a business page.

As a social media manager and strategist, I've created countless strategies for clients. Having worked with brands with 53K+ followers that have been featured in the media and are franchising around the country, as well as having built accounts from 0, I've developed a pristine understanding on what needs to go into a successful strategy for social media.

  1. It is the content speaking to your target audience?

  2. What is the purpose of this piece of content?

  3. Is there a piece of authority or attraction to the product or service?

  4. Does this reflect your brand voice?

  5. What is 1 main takeaway the reader/viewer can take from this?

  6. Does it truly serve value?

  7. Does it have a strong hook?

  8. Does it have your branded look?

  9. Does it have a strong call to action?

  10. How can you repurpose this piece of content later?

In the social media space, the standards for a great piece of content has evolved. If a business wants to stand out among the sea of the same content trends around, these 10 aspects have to be established.

Sounds overwhelming? Don't worry- this is exactly what we specialize in! Check out our services here or book a free call to chat about how you can work with us.

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