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3 basics about Tik Tok that most business owners forget!

As a social media management & strategy agency, we manage many Tik Tok accounts from a variety of different niches.

Many clients come to us having either no account at all, or having somewhat of a presence but are stuck in a rut. We see similar basics being missed among many accounts, even some we don't manage, which can really hurt the growth of the account on the app. Here are some that you shouldn't skip out on:

-Being consistent

Tik Tok is demanding, there's no hiding that. Most accounts won't see growth from just posting a couple times a week. It typically takes posting anywhere from 1-5x a day to see momentum and growth. Planning ahead and having someone create the content for you if you are unable to, sustainably, will be the best bet for most businesses.

Tik Tok established what your niche is and who to show it to through established content flow. This is why it's important to be consistent and post similar content.

-Creating content people want to see

Lots of business owners focus on either what other similar niches post or what they think people want to see. What is often forgotten is that Tik Tok is all about content your specific audience wants to see. This is where knowing your audience and having that market research to back the strategy comes in and is something we focus on as the very first step with clients.

-Good quality and engaging videos

Although Tik Tok is more laid back, unlike the curated nature of Instagram, businesses often opt out for lower quality videos and non-fitting content. While, yes, you can get good quality recorded on an iPhone, it still needs to be aesthetic on some level, and engaging to the audience. Remember, the content you should post, as a business, is one of the following:

  1. Entertaining/engaging

  2. Inspiring

  3. Educational/valuable

Getting the hang of Tik Tok can take time. Luckily, our clients can rely on us to take care of the strategy and posts for them and simply sit back and watch the growth!

Wondering if our services are right for you? Book a free call here or email us at:



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