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As a social media manager and strategist with years of experience, clients come to me often with the same concerns when it comes to selling on social media:

"Elena, I feel salesy if I pitch to someone in the DMs- it feel icky and inauthentic!"

"How do I go from a friendly conversation to a business pitch? It feels so cringe!"

And to that I say: Direct messages AREN'T the only way to sell!

Introducing: Attraction marketing & converting via content (without talking in the DMs!)

How? Here's all you need to know!

-Objection handling

Think about it- how many times did you get on sales calls and had the prospect throw 5 different objections at you, after which you ended up following up and never getting that invoice through. What if you could eliminate objections BEFORE ever getting on the call? This is exactly what I help clients with- by addressing any concerns through your content your prospects are already getting those barriers broken down and are more likely to say "YES" on that call.


At the end of the day- most people buy with emotion. Whether it's a personal connection to you, or a personal connection to either not achieving their goals, or achieving them and feeling amazing, we all buy with emotion on some level. Transformations are one of the best ways to do this. Using storytelling content, you can share a client's transformation, or your own, ensuring you are focusing not just on the monetary gains, but how other aspects of life or business were transformed (specific to your prospect's pain points).


Showing up confidently and showing off results online is pretty underrated. My business has completely transformed when I changed one thing: Showing results/expertise on Instagram DAILY. Some may argue it is pushy or salesy, and can get repetitive, but you have to remember something.. People don't just follow you. Combining seeing hundreds of pieces of content a day with a short attention span, that means you have to not only show results often, but also talk about your offer more often than you think. My Instagram has some examples of all of these pieces of content if you are looking for examples! See if you can spot them.

Sounds overwhelming? Don't worry- this is exactly what we specialize in! Check out our services here or book a free call to chat about how you can work with us. Follow Elena on Instagram to see more content like this! Questions? Email us here:

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