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Attraction marketing- is it worth the hype? + How to use it for your business.

If you're running a business, are a freelancer, or have been involved in the online space for a while, you've probably heard of this concept by now.

Attraction marketing is defined as: A term for a method of marketing a product or service. It works by providing valuable information about the item before convincing customers to buy. It's a powerful marketing strategy for both lead generation and brand loyalty.

In plain English, you'd post about how great your product/service is, and it will attract people to you and encourage them to buy.

However, it goes way beyond that and involves many different aspects.

With the consistent change in how customers buy, attraction marketing is essentially an umbrella of that.

For example, brands would much rather pay an influencer $500 for a feature on their social media, showing their target audience how a product is used and have the influencer say how much they love it, instead of paying $5,000 for a billboard.

Or the same reason why State Farm decided NOT to advertise during the Superbowl and instead, used Tik Tok as their marketing platform.

Brands are now catching on to the idea of buyers now relying on trusted sources (amazon reviews, influencers, friends) to tell them what they should and shouldn't buy, and they're leveraging attraction marketing to do just that.

However, when we are talking about the online service provider space, which I know all too well, it goes beyond just showing how great a service is with testimonials and reviews.

With the right messaging, branding, and value, your content should be able to:

  • Bring in new people to your page

  • Nurture cold leads

  • Warm up potential prospects

  • Convert leads for you without ever having talked to them before

  • And so much more!

Using myself as an example, just last year in 2021, around November time, I made the biggest shift to my strategy that I ever had. I reworked my entire approach, my messaging, branding, and what I wanted my content to do for me. (If you want a quick guide on how to create your own strategy, check out my other article here all about it!)

By shifting something as simple as my messaging and framing my content around 'you' and not all about 'me', creating awareness within my audience of what they're struggling with, and showing up as an authority to make it clear why my brand was THE ONE to work with, I couldn't believe the events that followed.

→I was able to become FULLY booked-out and have hit a new income milestone that I never have before.

→Started getting inquiries in my direct messages from absolute ideal potential clients.

→I was attracting brand new leads to me, ones that were happy to pay my rates and trusted me fully as the expert.

→I was getting calls scheduled from people I've never spoken to beforehand.

→And my community became ultra nurtured and grew exponentially.

Taking everything I've learned about what works and doesn't with attraction marketing, I've created my own signature framework which I now perform for clients. We've been seeing massive results from it. Check out some case studies on my website to see just what is possible!

In conclusion, I can say, without a doubt, that attraction marketing is worth, at the very least, exploring. For product or service based businesses, it can be extremely beneficial, if done strategically.

That's why having a strategy is so important, and that is also why clients come to us for that very thing. Check out how you can work with us or book a call to chat with Elena directly.

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