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CASH Converting Content For Business Owners on Instagram 💰

As a social media management and strategy agency, one of the most common questions we get asked is "what kind of content converts best?"

The best answer we can give is- DEPENDS.

(if you've read some of our blog posts, you already know that's what we always say 😉)

This is simply because we don't subscribe to the idea of one-size-fit-all strategies and don't believe there's ONE answer to this question.

Before we dive into some examples, you'll want to establish a few things:

  1. What kind of business are you? (this will determine if you need to focus on viral video marketing if you're a product business, or more trust-building carousels as a service provider).

  2. What do conversions mean to you? (Conversion can mean different things to different people. Are you looking to convert more people to sign up to your email list or are you looking to convert people to become a customer and make a purchase?)

  3. What has worked for you in the past already? (Often times the answer can already be there, you just need to find it. For example, categorize your content for the last 60 days to see how many 'website taps' your content got and which was the highest- those people clicked that link in your bio to convert after they saw your content!)

Once you have those questions answered, you'll already have so much clarity!

But if you still need some ideas, here are some of our favorite ones:

Value-bomb carousels

This can include things like in-depth educational carousel, an unpopular opinion, or some industry secret that no-one talks about. This is an opportunity to showcase your expertise and give amazing value that your audience can't help but think "OK, how do I work with them?"

Case studies/storytelling/transformations

There's nothing better than sharing how you transformed a client's (business, social account, finances) because it shows first hand, that you can get those results! You don't have to just throw a testimonial on there, you can turn it into a story and paint a picture of what was happening before, what you did during (to show your work process) and the after result. Use this opportunity to share your best work, and we also recommend you pin it to your page so it's the first thing people see (hello immediate TRUST 🤝).

Behind the scenes/personal branding

Oftentimes people are looking for a connection with your content. It's great to share educational content, but don't be afraid to show your personality (the LIKE of the know-like-trust factor) and show what it's like to work with you! This can look like sharing a video of how you make your product, how you package a product, how you design a logo, etc. This can be shared on your feed but also on stories- oftentimes you'll have your closest fans on there and this content will be most effective there.

If you need more support with this, feel free to book a call here, or email us with any questions:



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