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Different types of buyers + how to create content that sells

By now, you may have heard of the different types of buyers and buyer behavior when it comes to selling your offers on social media.

Let's break down the 4 main buyers that are typically on everyone's socials and how you can actually adjust content to fit each of them to encourage conversion!


These buyers like to know all the details of your offer. If it's a course- how many modules? What does each module teach? What kind of ROI can they expect? Think numbers, details, and logistics.


These buyers often are triggered by emotion. Sharing a 'before' story, sharing vulnerable posts, and connecting to their pain points on an emotional level helps them make the buying decision.

→ Transformation driven

These buyers are all about the transformation. They like to see social proof that this helped others, they like to hear what you did for others to get them that transformation. Often times, it's not necessarily even about the monetary transformations. If you can show them how their life improved, they relate to that more. (for example: instead of saying "my client went from making $2K months to $10K months", you can say "My client went from barely making enough to cover bills, to now making enough to retire her husband and are planning their dream vacation now").

Relationship based

These buyers need to have a connection to you in order to buy. As you may know, buyers are very connection focused nowadays with investments, and this is what often triggers the purchase. If they love who you are, they have commonalities with you, and trust you (AKA know-like-trust factor) you will have an easy time converting them.

Now, let's go over how adjust your content to speak to each of these different buyers:

Content idea: How my client went from $2K to $10K months with my 1:1 coaching.


Express how you audited things to work on with this client (ex: looked at past income, existing strategies, etc.). Ensure you are breaking down the transformation with data & numbers. If it was a 3 month program, express how the income increased month-to-month, and how the end result transpired. You also want to ensure you explain exactly what your coaching program has to offer (weekly coaching calls, reviewing deliverables, text-app support, etc.). These buyers will also respond to cold hard proof such as screenshots of results, number statistics, and other things like that.


Express how your client was feeling before your work together. Don't be afraid to get real & raw, as these buyers appreciate honesty and the behind the scenes truth of things. For example: "Before our work together, my client went through multiple coaches, and never felt supported and it came to the point of her thinking she isn't meant for the entrepreneur life. She has expressed that the level of support I provided was above and beyond, she felt confident in her business, and got crystal clear on what she needed to do to achieve her ambitious goals!"


Similarly to emotional, these buyers appreciate the behind the scenes of things. Think of it like a storytelling blog post, or a case study. Break down the nitty gritty of all aspects of the transformation, and ensure it speaks to your target audience's pain points as well.

For examples: "Before our work together, my client was confused on if she should focus on email marketing, just social media, or other platforms. This issue is something I get asked about all the time as well. She went from being uncertain of her next steps, to a complete, step-by-step marketing plan, tailored just for her. She is now confident in her next steps and has the exact roadmap to achieve her ambitious goals!"

☆Relationship based

This often takes more of a personal approach and asking the right questions (In direct messages or in captions). For example: "Do you ever feel like you should be doing a million things at once, but don't have a solid plan to reach your goals? Trust me, I've been there. In fact, I had a client who was experiencing great confusion on what platform she should focus on for her marketing." And on top of this awareness type content where you ask them the right questions that hit right on target of paint points, you also want to ensure you are building a relationship in private conversations, as well as building your personal brand.

This outline should be able to help you adjust your content to your specific audience, and ensuring you are speaking to all the different buyers on your page. Which one are you?

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