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Do market research, they said.. It'll be easy, they said..😰

Yes.. we get.. market research is important, but how the heck can we evaluate our results when only bots answer them!😑🚮


I had the same problem not too long ago girl! I'd post a question sequence or an open question, and the only responses I'd get is bots trying to get me follow them🥱


Here's how I do my research now👇🏻👇🏻


⚡️Question Time on IG- when posting a multiple answer question, I include a "I'm a bot" answer, and make that the right answer. (learned from the💕When bots come across your story, they're programmed to answer the right answer usually, that way you can see who's actually voting!


⚡️Facebook- Fb group have become my fave thing for absolutely everything! Literally just post your question on there, and you'd be surprised at how many replies you get! Make sure you get specific though, the title should be something like "calling all beginner coaches!" etc.


⚡️Go to your DMs! Chances are, you're already engaging with people who are qualified to answer the qs you have! Simply slide the question into a convo, and they will answer it without thinking! If you're looking to do more of a survey, you can offer an incentive to hop on a call or fill out a form such as a gift card!

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