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Do you have less than 1k followers and wanna grow your IG? Keep reading👇🏻

I was in your shoes literally last month! I saw rapid growth after implementing these 3 things I'm about to share with you, but first, I just wanna say..


More followers and more likes, does NOT equal more sales!❌


🗣SAY IT LOUDER for the people in the back!


It's all about engagement! 🔑 So yes, you can try to grow your likes and followers, but if you are not engaging, nurturing and selling, it's all for nothing! Now, here are the deets👇🏻


⚡️Join every female entrepreneur fb group! I keep saying this and I will say it again! Literally all you have to do is put up a post saying "let's connect", get everyone's handles, and spread the love! Give, and you shall also receive.🙌🏼


⚡️Find your ideal client and follow similar accounts. One good way is to go on search bar, find one person, then click on the down arrow to see similar profiles, and engage with them!


⚡️Develop a good hashtag set! Yes, this is tedious work, but it pays off! My best performing posts have the highest impressions from hashtags and get the most engagement too! If you don't have hours to sit there and plan them out, just DM me haha, I'll be your magical problem-solving fairy! 🧚‍♀️

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