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Here's how to stop wasting time so you can make 💸

The two major issues most of us come across are: Procrastination and lack of organization.


How do we overcome that?

💡Well let me tell you!


👉🏻How I overcome procrastination is by deciding WHY something is important to me. Is it reaching my goal of 5k months? Is it to create more content that converts? Then I envision what reaching this goal will do for me. I will have more financial freedom, I will get the chance to grow an awesome community, and work on more creative projects! Find your WHY and think about what it would feel like to achieve that goal.


👉🏻Organization! As a growing entrepreneur it is SO important to keep your tasks organized. 🤫 Can I confess something? My to-do lists used to just be everything I wanted to get done and the due date was ONE DAY! ❌ That was not productive. Not even close. What I started doing instead, is prioritizing my tasks from MOST IMPORTANT ➡️MID IMPORTANCE ➡️ LEAST IMPORTANT. This basic but effective formula will allow you to breathe and not beat yourself up for not getting things done. Also spread out due dates along the week so it doesn't become overwhelming to get everything done in one week.


So go on! Make your to-do list! And don't beat yourself up for not getting everything done! The least important things can be moved to the next day.

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