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How do I promote myself without being salesy?

Ever feel like constantly promoting yourself and your services gets annoying? 🤔


Raise your hand if that speaks to your souuullll ✋🏻✋🏽✋🏿


We sometimes think the more we push our services, the more people will get annoyed at us and would wanna just unfollow 👎🏻


But there are ways to do this on a subconscious level that doesn't come across as salesy! Here's the tea 🍵


1️⃣Write promotional captions- introduce yourself, tell your followers a bit about how you got into what you do and why people love you. It builds instant authority and lets people know you on a deeper level. At the end you can say something like "If you want to see how I can help you too, DM me"


2️⃣Educate on stories- Mini trainings are an awesome tool to show authority and to showcase your offer. Relate your training to something you offer, give some free value, and finish off with "In my ebook i take a deeper dive into this, it's linked in my bio"


3️⃣Offer free stuff- People don't feel like you're selling if you're just giving them free stuff! But here's the catch, whether it's a freebie that captures their email, or a link to a webinar, you still wanna hint at the end that you can help them out!

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