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How to Bring More Traffic to Your Website Using TikTok [ORGANICALLY] For Business Owners

Business owners use TikTok for a variety of reasons...

Brand awareness, community building, omni-channel marketing, or hoping to blow up and get more sales.

However, if you are are looking for website traffic- you've come to the right place.

TikTok can be a confusing place as is. But if you are focusing only on posting for the sake of going viral and have money as your main objective, that goal of yours won't happen.

The name of the game on TikTok is- CONSISTENCY.

Here are some basic guidelines we recommend, as a social media management and strategy agency having managed & grown countless accounts already, and what we feel provides the biggest impact:

-Have a face to the brand

If you are a product-based or even service-based business (B2C or B2B) have someone who is the face of your brand. Doesn't have to be the CEO, it can be an intern or your social media manager. The reason why it's so important it so not only have someone consistently create content for you, but also because people respond to faces/humans way better and feel an instant connection to the brand.

-Experiment with content

We talked about in a previous blog post about creating strategies for TikTok, that the basic rule of thumb is 80% niche content and 20% trending content. However, it's important that you experiment with with content consistently, and analyze performance over time to give you the best idea on what's performing well for you. Oftentimes, the most random videos go viral, so also keep in mind to not overthink it and don't put too much effort in. Some of the best videos are filmed on an iPhone and have minimal editing.

-Know the viral content recipe

There are many factors that make a viral video, but knowing what they are and using them can really help. This can include using viral sounds, captivating content throughout the video and good editing (no long pauses or useless info), putting up words on video, posting at good times, filming with good lighting, and more.

Pro tip: Recently TikTok has been crowned the top platform for SEO (Gen Z uses it more than Google nowadays) so ensuring your content is packed with keywords (in what you're saying, in captions, and in hashtags). The latest hack to improve SEO is put searchable words/phrases inside your video [type it out and hide it to where it doesn't show].

So how do we get more website traffic using all of these tips?

Reality is, if no one sees your video, no one will visit your website. That is why we spent so much time going over the visibility basics.

The web traffic part is easy- simply mention it to your audience.

-Have a call to action + link in your bio

-Make videos enticing website clicks (freebie download or quiz people can take, etc.)

-Write it in your captions

-Encourage people to comment a keyword (ex: "ME") and give them a link to a landing page on your website

There are countless ways to get more clicks, but getting creative is how you ultimately success and making sure it makes sense for your business.

This is something we help clients do on a daily basis as a social media management and strategy agency. Part of our job is to stay ahead of the curve, and bring thought-leadership ideas to our clients to help curate outside-the-box content to DOMINATE their niche!

If you need more support with this, feel free to book a call here, or email us with any questions:



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