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How To Convert Followers Into Clients

he NUMBER ONE thing you may be missing to HIT your income GOALS! 😳👇

What if I told you.. Your next ideal client is already probably following you!

Then.. why aren't they converting? 🤔

One thing I notice people forget to include in their strategy is ✨TRANSFORMATION✨

Let's break it down:

When prospects come across your page, they come across your content!

-Is your branding there?

-Is the authority there?

-Is your personality there?

When they see your content, that's what hooks them and makes them follow you. But why aren't they converting?

You aren't talking enough about the transformation! Now listen, I'm obsessed with buyer psychology, sales techniques, and tapping into your prospects' mind. From all the research I've done, the one constant is emotional selling. This why you'll see people use keywords like "how would you feel if.." and "imagine if..." because transformation sells!

Now, if this is the one thing that's missing from your sales tactics, it's time to integrate it. People need to imagine themselves seeing success with your offer and see you as an authority.

Are you talking enough about the transformation in your content? Comment below! Check out our next blog post about how to use the power of transformation in your business!

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