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How to create a Tik Tok strategy for a business

It’s no secret that Tik Tok has become one of the biggest platforms out there, both in user numbers, and businesses promoting on it.

We even see platforms such as Instagram and YouTube following the successful app structure of vertical videos recommended, and other features taken from Tik Tok and implemented on theirs.

Many businesses have seen the shift, they’ve seen the sales it brings to product and service based businesses, and the crazy visibility it can get you- it’s undeniable.

The one problem in all of this is– many business owners don’t know where to start with a Tik Tok strategy.

As a social media management & strategy agency, we see business owners come to us in one of three positions:

1. Don’t have a Tik Tok account, don’t have a strategy, and don’t have a way to produce enough content needed to start.

2. They have a strong presence on other platforms and have content to get them started on Tik Tok, but are lacking the strategy.

3. They are on Tik Tok, have been posting for a while, but haven't been seeing the results they want, wondering what they’re missing.

In either of these situations, we always ask the client- what is your goal?

You’d be surprised how often we see either no goals established, or a goal established but the content/strategy doesn’t match it at all.

This is why we take a unique approach to developing our strategies, using our unique framework, and ensure the client understands what will be happening through and through (we’ve BIG on communication).

Here are the key indicators to a successful strategy we look at while creating one for clients:

–70% original content, 30% trending content.

–Consistent niche established + consistent content.

–Consistent posting schedule (minimum daily, ideally 3-5X a day).

–Ability to produce quality content.

–Having a face to the brand [highly recommended].

Got questions about Tik Tok? We’ve got 1:1 strategy sessions that will get you a custom Tik Tok strategy- all researched and done for you!

Check it out here or email us for more information to see if it’s right for you!

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