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How To Create Content That Converts (on autopilot 😉)

Your step-by-step system to create content for the month! ↓

Content creation can take foreverrrr as we all know, so here’s your new go-to way to create a solid content strategy for the month:

→set goals

→break down goals into smaller goals

→conduct research (market, trend, competitive, hashtags, etc)

→brain dump content ideas

→input into a content calendar

→write out all captions and complete graphics

→schedule it out!

This is the simple process that I use for myself and for clients as well! I see this so much, especially with my own clients, that there just isn’t enough time to focus on research, coming up with content ideas, and creating graphics in the month.

Struggling to create content for your business? check out our 'services' tab to learn more on what we do around here! 🥂

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