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How to Get Your Ideal Clients' EYES on YOU!👇🏻

I get asked all the time, "How do I get more eyeballs on my posts and attract the right kinds of followers?"


Don't get me wrong, I love hashtags.. and we all hear "follow hashtags that your ica follows, engage with the hashtags, etc etc"


But I've got a way better way! Let me blow your mind😏🤯


💡The easiest way to get some attention, is to find one person who's your ideal client (either check your followers list, your likes, or go on competitor's page), and then click the little arrow next to the follow button- and see who pops up! More often than not, these accounts are very similar to the one you're on, so check em out, comment on some posts, like their pics, reply to their story, and you will capture their attention! Then do that to the other accounts, and fall down the rabbit hole or ideal clients, and soon enough you'll get your inbox full of em😄


💡The other, but harder, way to fill your page with your kinds of people, is to just go on facebook! Join as many girl boss groups as you possibly can, and connect with them! Engage with others, support them, and soon enough they will transfer to you IG! You can also post a picture that says "let's connect!" and ask for everyones IG handle, and show em some love! I found many of my leads that way as well!


You now have found your leads and can engage with them! Mic drop! 🎤

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