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How to get your ideal clients to notice you

So don't we all want to pop in our prospect's feed like heyyy 👋🏻 I'm hereee⠀

P.S. save this for later because these are gonna be golldddd💫⠀

I've literally tried millions of ways, and these are the best (free) ways to make that happen!!😉⠀

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Take a look at your ideal client's hashtags. Which ones are they using? Which ones would they be searching for? I literally got a client because of a simple hashtag search, and of course my awesome content 😉⠀

Engage with those hashtags and similar ones, and soon you'll attract people that are looking for you!⠀

💡Refer a friend⠀

Build a community, build relationships, and build credibility. This is why it's so important to have friends around! By supporting each other, referring each other, and shouting each other out, you both benefit! People buy from people they trust. Think of collabs opportunities for extra value🙌🏼⠀

💡Perfect your story strategy ⠀

Showing up consistently on your stories, giving value and making it engaging with stickers and polls, is THEEE best way, in my humble opinion 🤓 ⠀

Do mini trainings 2-3x per week, and give random tips throughout the other days. Make sure to post testimonials and feedback to show you know your shtuff!!⠀

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