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How to grow your email list using TikTok for business owners- hot qualified leads

If you are just jumping on the Tiktok wagon (more like speed train) or have been at it for quite a while but wanting to get better results from it, you've come to the right place!

Growing an email list using social media, specifically TikTok, tends to be one of the top goals for business owners that come to us.

As a social media management and strategy agency, we aren't just responsible for creating content & posting it for you. We provide complete researched strategy docs that go in depth on every platform you are on, and how all these channels will work together to real your goal.

That's how we were able to get such great results for our clients (check out our case studies here) and how we were able to get 150+ hot qualified leads from just ONE tiktok video.

Let's break it down...

-Create demand

What are you using to entice people to be on your list in the first place? Are you giving them a PDF freebie doc, a fun quiz they get the results to in their email, and a spicy training you aren't sharing anywhere else? It has to be exclusive value, and the list be treated like a VIP list. If you don't have an email plan set beforehand (to nurture and convert) and are planning to just sell sell sell, you'll need to rethink this first.

-Make a short & simple video

For reference, we'll be sharing how we got this TikTok video of ours. The idea is to create a short & sweet video that gets the message across and builds hype. Assuming your freebie (or whatever you're using to entice people) is something that people actually want and will get a quick win with, this shouldn't be too complicated. The key is to do a couple videos using different features such as voice over, music, talking, showing your freebie, someone talking about it, greenscreen, etc. And see what works for you! Check out our video to see the strategy we used.

-Respond & pin

Look at your comments and make sure you respond to people on where to sign up, respond to any questions, and keep checking it. Don't forget to also pin it to your top videos so every time you have new visitors on your page, this video can bring leads to you on autopilot.

If you need more support with this, feel free to book a call here, or email us with any questions:

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