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How to perform engagement on Instagram

Let me give you a couple pointers about engagement:

Q: Why do we even need to engage with our audience in the first place?

A: It brings you more exposure, audience feels special, and gets your more 💰 in your wallet!

Q: When is the best time to engage?

A: 15 mins before and after posting! It drastically helps out the algorithm if the post gets the most engagement when posted. Also based on the psychological concept of reciprocation 🤓 (Let's nerd out) If people see others showing them love, they wanna show it back!

Q: What is the best way to engage?

A: I personally like to engage through hashtags that my ideal clients use or search for. I also like to look through suggested profiles on my other ideal clients pages, I find a lot of new leads that way! Facebook groups are another great way to pull people into your page!

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