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How to show up on stories without being scared

Do you want to show up consistently, but something is stopping you?⠀

If it is, here's what you do!⠀

Hey, I'm Elena. And I used to be the biggest procrastinator ever! I would write my English college essay the night before, I'd do my homework assignment 2 minutes before the teacher collected it, and I used to never show up consistently online.⠀

Soo what changed?⠀

I realized what's at stake..⠀

I asked myself, do I want to work at an ice cream shop all my life? Do I want to waste all my energy into a minimum wage job? Do I deserve better?⠀

I do deserve better! And guess what, you do too!⠀

So don't listen to that voice in your head that's constantly making you question every decision you're making!⠀

Just think about where you want to be, and show up! Do the dang thing! and once you overcome that fear, you won't want to go back!⠀

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