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How To Sign More Clients This Month As A Service Provider

If you are a service provider (coach, social media manager, virtual assistant, etc.) and you are struggling to sign clients, you are not alone.

Signing clients as a service provider can be tough, especially when first starting out. As a social media manager and strategist, clients come to me for this exact reason.

Having worked with big franchising brands that have been featured in the media, created strong launch plans that help clients sell-out their offers, and having built accounts from 0- I've got a solid grasp on how to grow your business through social media.

Let's break down how you can get 3 clients next month through your social media efforts.

But first, I want to point out 3 things that you simply can't neglect when you are going through this process: Consistency, strategic content, and engagement.

Without these three things, it will be very hard, if not impossible, to achieve your goals.

Now, focusing on numbers, let's figure out how many people you need to talk to in order to sign 3 clients next month.

→First, establish a goal. Establishing a [realistic] goal like we did above, is the very first necessary step. Then, we can work backwards.

→Now, the average conversion rate can depend on industry and type of sales, but we'll assume an average conversion rate of 3% for outbound lead generation for B2B. For an exact idea, look up your industry average conversion rate.

→So at an average of 3% of your leads converting, and us needing 3 new clients this month, it is safe to say we need to speak to about 100 people (or gather 100 leads).

→Keeping in mind also the different buyer types and the decision making process (people need to see your offer about 20 times before they get triggered to buy) you need to take you showing up consistently on your platforms into account. This is why having a strong content strategy is so important. Read more on how to do that in my other article here.

→Taking all of this into account, we can estimate that if we speak to about 100 people for a whole month, consistently show up on our desired platform with value and strategic content, our engagement and lead generation efforts will results in a 3% conversion rate (or 3 clients signed).

→The last step is to break this down into actionable steps. Create a spreadsheet where you'll keep track of everyone, take out a certain amount of time per day to engage with your leads, and ensure you have a conversion plan (whether it's in the DMs, on a sales call, or in person). Check out my Ultimate Script Bible to save yourself HOURS on creating a plan and script for this.

If you are looking for support with a custom social media strategy, or want to outsource lead generation entirely, we offer these services to our clients!

Check out our services here or book a free call to chat about how you can work with us.

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