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How To Use Transformation To Get Clients Online

Aren't seeing the results you want? Read this👇

If you've seen my last post, having a transformation in your strategy is key!

Showing transformation in your content and sales process is they key to closing. Gaining interest starts with your content, and the selling is in the transformation.

But how do you know if the results are coming?

Here are some reasons why you may not be seeing them:

-No goals and no breakdown

Setting goals is the first step to having a solid strategy in play. This is how I like to start any strategy session for clients. But setting goals isn't enough. You've got to break it down. Want to make consistent $5K months? What offers will you sell? How much of these will you sell to how many clients?

-Not tracking results

When I went to do my taxes with my accountant in April, it was such a struggle! Figuring out my income, my expenses, and the tax rate can be tough. Having it all organized is the answer! Same goes for your results tracking. This is why I created my amazing spreadhseets that are absolute life savers now!

-Tracking the right info

Don't let your business revolve around just Instagram. Track your website progress, Pinterest, even Etsy if you have a storefront. This helps you see exactly which channels yield the most traffic and conversion. This is exactly why I've developed a spreadsheet for that too that I will start providing for clients!

Do you know where your traffic and conversions come from? Comment if you love spreadsheets or how you like to track results! 👇

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