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Plan out your Instagram stories strategy

Let's map out your launch 🚀 story strategy 👇🏻

This is literally what I did yesterday for my own package launch (coming black friday) And I'm giving it to you FREE to steal so you can use it too👏🏻

👉🏻Save and share because this is about to blow your mind 🤯

💡 Set your goal

I always always talk about this but here's why it's important:

You can't just set a goal like- launching a product but also with a sale, and also want to get clients..

Each goal requires its own strategy so figure out ONE task you want to focus on.

💡Map out your plan-

3 weeks out:

You want to warm up your current leads and make your audience problem aware. ie. if you're launching a course on sales, you want to make sure they know WHY they need to master their sales. That can be with a personal transformation story, before&afters, seed planting with content, etc.

2 weeks out-

Make your audience solution aware. This is also the time to get as many new eyeballs on your page as possible so everyone can become familiar with the offer. Solution awareness can be done with saying things like "I used to suck at sales until I found XYZ" or "Are you struggling with closing your calls? Here's something that might help" You also want to give out free value nuggest and tips so your audience thinks -Damn if these tips are so good I wonder what the course is like 😍

1 week out-

Selling time! This is the time to ASK for the sale. ask them to click the link in the bio, or ask to DM you. Answer any questions they have, go live, promote your cool graphics, etc.

Now go out there and map out your launch!

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