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Self promoting as a business owner through social media marketing

When one thinks of self-promotion, what comes to mind?

-Spammy comments/DMs?

-Pitching cold leads to join challenges/masterclasses?

-Endless pitches to media/podcasts/ and blogs to be featured without solid value?

This is the OLD way of marketing. The type that coaches would teach in courses, the type of advice you'd see around social media, and the innate way of 'cold calling' that translated into the social media world.

We do things differently here.

As a social media management & strategy agency, people come to us for a couple reasons...

To get more visibility, to drive traffic & sales, or to start it all from scratch.

And one of the best ways to do this, and something that's a big part of the overall social media strategy, is self promotion (especially for service based businesses who have the founder as the face of the brand).

Here are some ways of how this can look like:

-Owned media

This includes your website, social media, blog, newsletter, etc. By posting content, engaging with audience, and thus being able to sell through this type of media, this self promotion is the best kind. It allows you to leverage each platform to the fullest extent, be able to stand out, and build a solid community. Use SEO to your advantage here to ensure you get the most of your organic marketing approach.

-Earned media

This includes any shoutouts, mentions, guest blogging, podcast collaborations, Instagram lives, and other. This is why it's important to not only network (do those Instagram lives) but also leverage your community to build a loyal, fan-like community that will refer people to you and essentially promote for you.

-In person

Networking events, connecting with your local community, and leveraging your in-person network. This is especially beneficial if you are a product business or a brick and mortar. In-person connections are still a powerful and viable marketing option that tends to be forgotten about nowadays. Don't be afraid to get creative and collaborate with your local community.

This is something we help clients do on a daily basis as a social media management and strategy agency. Part of our job is to stay ahead of the curve, and bring thought-leadership ideas to our clients to help curate outside-the-box content to DOMINATE their niche!

If you need more support with this, feel free to book a call here, or email us with any questions:




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