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Should I hire a social media manager? What do social media managers do?

If you're a busines owner- you probably know the power of social media by now.

You've seen brands boost their sales massively though simple Tik Tok videos, you've seen the visibility a good Instagram presence brings, and you've probably seen the power of a strong LinkedIn profile & the right connections.

Now, could you manage your social media yourself? Sure.

Can you hop on Canva and use some templates to help you get content up? Of course.

Could you reply to comments and DMs on Instagram on your own? Yes.

The point is, however- should you? And how efficiently would you be able to do it?

As a business owner, you are doing, or used to, do it ALL. Managing departments, thinking of business development, dealing with countless fires only you can control.

So why would you want to spend 15, 30, 50+ hours a month handling JUST social media?

Many business owners who SEE the power of social media also see the power in a social media manager.

If you've tried to do it yourself, you can understand how much work it takes.

If you haven't, just know it is essentially a full time job.

So what actually goes into this job? Why are there so many hours spent?

Now, keep in mind that each agency, freelancer, and package will vary entirely on multiple factors such as your goals, the brand's expertise, and what they're willing to offer as a service to you.

Here are some things that social media managers would be able to do:

-Content Creation

Advanced graphic design, curating feed, researching trends, and developing a plan made specially for your brand.

-Caption Writing

Believe it or not, there's an art to writing good captions. These can depend on whether you're launching, building brand awareness, increasing engagement, or any other goals.

-Strategy Curation (if offered)

Not all agencies offer this feature, but we think if you are looking to bring on a social media manager, you should definitely find one that does. Unless you've got a separate department for exclusively social media management (including influencer marketing), then you will need a specialized plan- AKA a social media strategy.

-Analytics Reports

Evaluating data, reporting progress, observing what's working and not working.

-Posting/ Scheduling Content

Taking this burden off business owners, social media managers typically will take this tedious task off your hands.

-Engagement/ Community management

Taking care of the daily upkeep of your social media pages and responding to comments, DMs, and keeping the page active. Some also provide specialized engagement and lead generation services, which help businesses not just have a managed social media, but a growing one!

These are some examples of what social media managers do, and it can be more or less depending on the provider.

All in all, outsourcing social media management has simply become a no-brainer for most businesses.

In order to make the right decision, it's important to understand your goals, if you can automate certain things first, and if you have the budget and pre-requisites for bringing on a social media manager.

Interested to see if we'll be a good fit for you?

We offer strategy, lead generation (as well as influencer marketing), content creation, and overall full-service social media management among multiple platforms.

Book a free call with us here or email us with any questions:



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