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STOP copying other entrepreneur's content because it's costing your CLIENTS!

Why copying others’ content is actually making you LOSE potential clients on IG 😳👇

Let’s get one thing right- the people you have on your page are NOT the same as your competitions’.

Yes, you may both be coaches, designers, etc, but the people who follow you are not only in different points in their business, but they’re also looking for different support from YOU!

By copying other people’s content you are really:

-Turning AWAY potential clients who were looking for the value you were already posting about.

-LEAVING money on the table by switching up your strategy without converting anyone.

-Showing that your are INAUTHENTIC and perhaps your offers are as well.

DON’T let these impressions stain your business and focus on creating content that YOUR audience will love and the kind of content that will turn them from

silent watchers > RAVING fans > paying CLIENTS 💸

Do you find yourself aimlessly posting what everyone else in your industry is posting and still seeing no money in the bank? Time to get your content in check ✔

This is exactly why I offer my SMM packages and intensives.

I meet you where YOU are and give you the content strategy that will convert your audience on autopilot 💸

Comment below if you've ever re-used someone else's content! (it's okay, we've all been there!)

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