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The Shift In Marketing To Authentic Content- Why People Are Recording In Their Cars

We are seeing brands, creators, and people in general shifting more towards authentic and personable content. TikTok, specifically, is shifting more and more that way.

TikTok has expressed that they don't want to be known as the "dancing app" anymore.

They are, themselves, are looking to shift more towards tips, tutorials, and educational content.

What does this mean for brands and creators?

-Using original sounds (as opposed to trending audio and/or layering it in the background) will become more favorable.

-Original and even longer-form content (TikTok now allows to upload up to 10 minutes) will be favorable.

-Tutorials and education will be favorable.

-Authentic and original content will be favorable.

So what's the trend of everyone going viral with videos filmed in their car?

If you pay attention to the type of content you see on TikTok, even simply by scrolling, you'll notice there's a psychology science behind it, which is also why TikTok likes it (it's AUTHENTIC).

You see, videos filmed in your car give off the vibe of "What I'm about to tell you is so important that I couldn't wait to get home and set up my phone and press record" aka- it's so juice that you need to share it NOW!

It is perhaps one of the most authentic piece of content you can create nowadays.

This is the shift.

The less curated (no makeup, no special outfit, no studio, no lighting, nothing special) types of content are so much more favorable by both, people, and the platform itself. And this doesn't just have to be in your car. You can film an on-a-whim video walking down the street, in a restaurant, target run, etc. As long as you maintain the 'authenticity' idea.

Other platforms (such as Instagram and LinkedIn) are slowly following behind, but most are still very much curated and "done-up".

If you want to be ahead of the curve, jump on the "authentic" trend- where there's no following trends.

Post content you enjoy, don't overthink it, and show up as authentic and personable as possible (AKA be yourself!)

This is something we help clients do on a daily basis as a social media management and strategy agency. Part of our job is to stay ahead of the curve, and bring thought-leadership ideas to our clients to help curate outside-the-box content to DOMINATE their niche!

If you need more support with this, feel free to book a call here, or email us with any questions:



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