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Why do I need an Instagram strategy?

I used to post stock pics without a caption and hoping to get clients from that...😳

Look, no shade no hate, but let me just say this.. I used to literally just post pics off of google, some random captions, a couple hashtags, and literally NOTHING happened.

If you're doing this now, SAVE THIS and implement these tips right away!👇🏻

What did I start doing differently?

👉🏻Establish a brand

By establishing who I am as a brand (agency or personal brand) I chose my brand colors to be recognizable, brand voice to be relatable, and created custom content to attract my ideal clients.✨

👉🏻I developed a content plan

believe it or not I literally just used to post random marketing tips, super vague, not implementable.. But with custom content, niched down info, and valuable tips, I now grew a following and my ICAs are actually interested in what I have to offer.🥳

👉🏻I came up with a strategy

Based on what my goals are, I developed a step by step strategy to get more clients. That is truly the one thing that changed everything for my business. I went from throwing spaghetti at the wall, to sitting back and watching my scheduled posts bring me clients on autopilot.🤩

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