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Your Holiday Black Friday Launch & Sales Outline!

It's no secret that the holiday season is one of the biggest for almost any business. We've got:

→Black Friday



But did you know that a proper launch can take anywhere from 1-3 months? This is because the buyer has to go through what's called 'the buyer journey' in order to go from a cold lead > a warm lead > a hot lead, and to eventually a conversion.

I've summed up the buyer journey into these few steps which is the basic outline of my winning launch plan outline:

→Problem awareness stage + lead gen

→Solution awareness stage + nurture

→Launch stage + sell

Now this is the basic outline, and there's so much more that goes into mapping out a successful launch, which is also what I do for clients. This includes:

-Hours and hours of research to create a working strategy

-Creating content that walks a customer through that buyer journey

-Create a whole launch plan with graphics & sales tips

and so much more!

Now, if you're already swamped with client work yet still are trying to work on a course or a new offer, the time to start mapping out your launch and warming up your audience is NOW.

If you are needing help with this and deep down you KNOW you won't be able to balance it all and create a successful launch, check out the 'services' tab to book your intensives call! 90 minutes of full on strategy brainstorming. Leaving you with a completed strategy with actionable steps document, 3 helpful resources to track results and plan + 1 week Voxer support to help you implement everything!

Get $100 OFF this service until October 29th! Use code BDAYSALE at checkout (hurry, ends soon!)

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