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Your one-stop-shop for everything scripts!

Learn how to sell like a pro at your next sales call.


What's included?

  • Instagram DM conversation starters to break the ice and peek your ideal client's interest.
  • Nurture scripts to establish know-like-trust with your ideal clients and sell them on your discovery call.
  • Exact script for your sales call to close the deal.
  • Objections scripts



-Psychology tricks and insider tricks

-Pro tips and varified techniques

-NEW strategies and sales call process


This is for you if you are:
-A coach
-A Virtual Assistant
-A Social Media Manager
-Or any other service provider!


What you get:
Section 1: Lead generation DM scripts
Learn how to engage with people and send that first DM to your prospects without being sleazy or desperate for a sale. It's all about building connections and engaging authentically.


Section 2: DM selling script
Learn how to qualify your prospects take the conversation from a friendship to a sale. There's no pressure-selling involved, this will help you naturally take the conversation to how you can help them, and it'll become a no-brainer for your prospect.


Section 3: Sales call script
Discover the sales call process that WORKS. Learn how to ask the right questions, to dig deeper into your prospects' pain and pleasure points in order to close the sale effortlessly. This has helped myself and my clients have a 90% closing rate on our calls.


Section 4: Objections
Overcome objections with ease. All the top objections that arise from a sales call. Budget issues? No time? Unsure? Overcome all the popular objections and CLOSE the sale!


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