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Oh hey, wanna make more sales?

Then you're in the right place!

Taking an Exam

Is this you trying to master your sales calls?

Meet your new BFF

Equipped with the best trade secrets to get you to close every time! 

Armed with psychology tricks and tips to get your clients to see you as their only option.

Ready to fight any objections in sight

10+ Pages of Scripts (2).png

Super helpful! I closed all my sales calls that I had booked for that day



Keyboard and Mouse

What does this include?

Conversation starters to break the ice and peek you client's interest.

Nurturing conversation using know-like-trust factors to convert them into a sales call

$70 value

Exact sales call scripts that truly work! Psychology tricks to tap into your clients mind and make them tell you 'LET'S DO THIS"

$100 value

Objections and how to overcome them

$50 value




$50 value

Using these scripts helped me turn those cold leads into very warm leads very quickly.



Laying on a Chair

Is this right for you?

Are you...

Tired of downloading useless freebies that don't actually help you?

Looking up to gurus on how to sell but see no results?

Tired of getting ghosted on the DMs and craving your ideal clients hopping on calls with you?

Trying to pivot but with no increase in revenue?

New York Office


I'm Elena

Your marketing bestie! I've developed these spicy scripts just for YOU! I know you want to see your business do better, and this is what you need to achieve your goals, girl! I've been there, trust me. Looking at countless articles, watching countless videos, downloading all those freebies, and all for what? I still didn't see the numbers I wanted, all until now. By incorporating psychology and tapping into your client's pain and pleasure points, you will learn exactly how to close your sales like a pro! I've tried all of these myself, and have always gotten responses and quality conversations which lead to sales calls. All you need to do is plug in your own info and put those scripts to work!


I thought it was really helpful that it directed me to connect with them on both their story/post as well as via something else I'd seen in their profile. I think that definitely helped to build trust.



Shhh... Here's a sneak peek inside the E-book

Ultimate Script bible (8)

Ice-breakers to catch your ideal client's attention

Ultimate Script bible (11)

Conversation sequence to sell them on discovery call

Ultimate Script bible (10)

Full and detailed sales scripts

Ultimate Script bible (2)

Objections and how to show them they NEED you!

So, what are we waiting for?

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