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Are you really using social media to your advantage or just following trends?

Let me ask you this:

How many times have you...

Saw a fellow 'competitor' of yours post something and thought "oh, this post did well for her, let me try to post something like that too.."

Here's the thing.. I used to do the same thing.

I saw someone do "5 daily engagement tasks" and thought oh, I'm an SMM, my audience will probably like that post.

But what I wasn't considering is- is this really what my specific audience needs?

You see, posts have to be intentional. Based on goals (launching, brand awareness, etc) and what exactly one's target audience is looking for.

So if Sally there posts 5 engagement tips, maybe her audience is in the beginner stages that would, in fact, benefit from that.

But YOUR audience may need a higher level of value in posts and may expect more from you.

Sure, trending sounds and dances are great to be a part of something and perhaps get attention, but it also makes it very easy to get lost in the noise.

In 2022, you've got to start thinking about how you'll stand out.

-How can you revamp your marketing?

-How can you elevate your client experience?

-How can you improve your sales process?

These are the foundations of having a solid social media strategy too. If you haven't nailed down your offers and your processes, how can you expect to market yourself on social media.

This is exactly what we focus on with clients. We dive deep into understanding your target audience and what THEY actually want to see vs. what we think they want to see.

Click here to explore our library of amazing digital products to get you on the right track!

Got questions about creating a solid social media strategy? Email us! We'd be more than happy to help.

OR check out my Instagram and DM me for a faster response!

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