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How to batch create content for social media as a business owner (create 100+ ideas in one hour!)

It's no secret that creating content has become increasingly demanding and dare we say, difficult, when it comes to standing out and curated fresh ideas.

As social media managers, we know this all too well.

Business owners come to us with this exact problem.

Here's our secret to creating over a hundred content ideas in just about an hour!

(safe to say we mastered batch content as a social media agency 😉)


Come up with 10 content ideas/hooks. The key here to make them versatile and all about your target audience's paint points/desires/practical value.

Example: Key things to include in your social media strategy


Create long-form content pieces from these ideas (or at least include details you'd write about for each post).

This can look like long-form blog posts, Instagram captions, LinkedIn articles, etc.

Example: Breaking down a step-by-step outline of how you'd create a strong social media strategy for clients and what those key things to include are.

-Content count: 10


Take key takeaways from these longer forms of content and create 3 short form pieces of content for each long post.

This can look like taking key sentences from the blog post and turn it into 3 tweets. You can take the key points and create an Instagram post/carousel (like a thread). Use it to make a reel/TikTok. The key here is about repurposing in new ways.

Example: If you talked about, in depth, that the key aspects are:

-Establishing goals

-Conducting competitive research

-Looking at past analytics

-Evaluating what already works

-Doing trends research

-Putting together a content calendar

-Creating an engagement strategy

You can take the top 3 most important aspects (bolded) and creating a piece of content for each of those alone.

-Content count: 40


Take those key takeaways we highlighted above and turn them into medium-form pieces of content.

This can look like a detailed Instagram post with key points inside of that key important topic. It can look like a reel explaining more about that one key point. Or it can be a twitter thread. Do this for all the short form pieces of content you now have.

Example: Evaluating what already works- how do you do that?

-Look at your Instagram insights (then elaborate)

-Look at your website traffic (elaborate)

-Ask your audience what they like to see (elaborate)

-Content count: 70


Simply repurpose those short from pieces of content (or even medium) into another format. As we said, they key here is to repurpose as much as possible.

Example: If you did a short-form tweet, take a screenshot and add it to a video background to make a reel. Work smarter, not harder.

-Content count: 100

Want even MORE content ideas?

Check out this free resource we made, giving you a month's worth of content (for free😉)

This is something we do on a daily basis as a social media management and strategy agency. If you need more support with this, feel free to book a call here, or email us with any questions:



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