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How To Create Converting Content (that ISN'T video) For Your Social Media

Raise your hand if you've heard the following around the online space.. 👋

-You can't grow without posting reels!

-Video content should be the main focus for your business.

-Here's my guide on how to create viral reels!

And here's the thing- we can't deny the changes to the algorithm, the great visibility people see from video-based content, and the engagement value it brings.

However, the one thing that the online gurus seem to be missing- is the fact that converting (as in getting money/sales) through reels can be quite tough.

Whether you are on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, short-form videos are great for discovery & visibility.

But statis/carousel/and image posts STILL have their place in your strategy.

In fact, they are way more efficient at community building, providing true value, and converting your audience into actual paying clients or customers.


Here are some ways you can create converting content (that isn't video!)

1. Thought-leadership and authority content.

This can look like sharing the latest industry news, making expert predictions about your niche/industry, and sharing polarizing content that puts you as the authority. These kinds of posts help you stand out from the sea of 'trending' content everyone's making, and actually gives tangible value to your audience.

2. Awareness content

This can look like asking direct questions, addressing concerns/pain points, and sharing the WHAT in terms of value. Content that makes people think and triggers a pattern in their mind, is more likely to result in conversion. Ask the questions they are afraid to address themselves, share a solution without revealing the HOW, and help them understand why they may need your services.

3. Transformation/storytelling content

Helping your target audience see and feel the transformation they can get when working with you is powerful. This is great by sharing past client success stories (where they were before, what you did during, and what the after result was). Once they see that what you help achieve is not only tangible, but possible for them, you've got them that much closer to working with you.

4. Social proof content

I'm not talking just sharing testimonials left and right. There are subtle ways in sharing social proof and authority, without directly shoving it at people. This can look like thought-leadership content as we talked about previously, but it can also look like sharing small wins and the behind the scenes of your work. Record a time-lapse of you working on a client deliverable, share a screenshot of a lightbulb-moment your client has thanks to you, and show what it's like to be in your circle & getting the results your other clients are getting.

5. Personal brand/human-first content

Frankly, people can tell when they're being sold to from a mile away. We all know that cold DM pitches are old news, but what about the rest of your sales process? Are you only posting sales graphics on stories? Are you only posting a one-liner caption on your feed asking people to sign up to your course? Or are you truly providing value, talking about things other than your business, and showing relatability? This can be as easy as having an inside joke with your audience, or bringing them along on your Target trip.

Got any other questions? We're always here to help!

This is something we do on a daily basis as a social media management and strategy agency. If you need more support with this, feel free to book a call here, or email us with any questions:



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