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How to use new ways to earn for creators on Instagram as a service provider

If you have a creator account- Instagram favors you, it's no secret.

Instagram says that "Creators inspire people around the world with their talents and push culture forward every day."

Now, this is great news for creators! But many of us have online service or product based businesses- so how can we participate?

Let's break things down!

Some new features that are rolling out for some creators are:

  • Reel bonuses

  • Creator subscription

  • Creator shop

Reel Bonuses

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen me share my experience with the reel bonuses. Instagram randomly selects creator accounts to participate, and give you an opportunity to earn some extra money while giving you extra brownie points with Instagram as a 'trusted creator.'

As a service provider myself, I was able to get it, therefore it's possible for other service providers as well (with a creator account). If you get this opportunity, utilize this time to double down (strategically) on reels (the more views, the more the payout) and earn some bonus money! Not to mention the great engagement and visibility for your business.

Read more about Reel bonuses from Instagram here.

Creator Subscriptions

Instagram still has plans to expand subscriptions for creators. Followers who subscribe will get a special badge, can view exclusive stories, and attend exclusive lives.

As service providers, this can be very versatile to use as well.

You can essentially use it as an exclusive membership- think close friends list, but monetized. Charge for exclusive live masterclasses, exclusive deliverables shared on stories, and build a close community or hot leads!

Read more about creator subscriptions from Instagram here.

Creator Shops

Instagram says "You’ll receive commission payments based on the total sales you drive for a brand. You can see a brand’s commission rate within the app."

By setting up the affiliate shop program, you'll be able to tag products from brands and earn a commission on purchases.

As a service provider, you can establish partnerships and participate in the program, or you may be able to connect your own website shop if you sell anything there.

Read more about Creator Shops from Instagram here.

Sounds overwhelming? Don't worry- this is exactly what we specialize in! Check out our services here or book a free call to chat about how you can work with us.

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