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How to create a social media strategy [STEP BY STEP framework] from a social media manager!

Here's the thing, whether you are a creator, a business, a marketer, or are showing up online for your business, you need a social media strategy.

The reality is, for most platforms, posting just to post isn't working anymore.

Gone are the days of copying others' content, posting randomly without a schedule, and not

planning out a strategic plan ahead.

Now, since you're here- you probably know this! But what you may need some guidance on, is how to create a solid strategy.

As a social media manager and strategist for many years, having created strategies for big brands with 53K+ followers that have been featured in the media and are franchising around the country, as well as having built accounts from 0, I've got a solid experience and understanding on how to create a great strategy!

Here's your step-by-step guide (using parts of my own unique frame work I use for myself, as for clients!):


Any strategy will require a plan. Your plan will look entirely different if you're doing a launch, or if you're trying to increase brand awareness. Once you get crystal clear on your goal and ensure your team understands it too, move on to step 2.


Establish who you're trying to reach AND on what platform[s] they hang out at. This is another crucial step, as if you miss the mark on these two simple aspects, you won't reach the right people and you won't reach that goal.


Analyzing your progress and the results after is just as important as the plan itself. Set yourself up for success by defining key performance indicators you'll be tracking to ensure your plan is succeeding.


As mentioned earlier, if you are looking to launch or increase brand awareness, your timeline will look different. This also depends on the goal (for example- sell 10 spots in your course in 3 months' time) If you are launching something, check out my other article here about how to do that.


You need to know what others are up to. Whether it's price, type of content they post, or marketing strategies they use, this will give you great insight into what's going on in your industry.


This is especially important if you are launching a product or service. Go on market search calls, create polls on social media, and ask past clients/customers for feedback on your new product or service! This will give you key insight into whether or not there is demand in the first place. Then you can adjust accordingly to still ensure you can get to your goal.


Analyze your current business or past offers. This will give you insight into any gaps you may be missing. [Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats].


Now more than ever, social media as evolved. A big part of creating marketing strategies and content specifically, are trends. Whether it's a Tik Tok trending sound or video, or it's video content in general- this is worth looking into and considering as a part of your strategy.


Time to map out your content! By now, you should have a good understanding of what kind of content to create based on market feedback, trends, and a launch [or other] plan and goals. Ensure you have a system to organize and work with a team on (we personally use Click Up in my business with clients and within the team).


Take into consideration any other strategies you need such as: engagement, visibility, sales, etc. Ensure there's a plan in place for your team to work on these as well throughout the time frame of this project.


Ensure you are tracking progress (not just results at the end). I like using spreadsheets to track progress along the way, and ensure there are members of the team on top of this as well to ensure maximum performance.

Now, if this seems like a lot, it is. And I assure you, to have a fully functioning, high-level strategy for a specific project, you need all of these factors.

This is why my team and I are laser focused on ensuring we take as many hours of research and planning as it takes to create incredible strategies for our clients that got some to become booked-out with our launch systems, close high-level 1:1 clients in the first month with attraction content, and a new account gets inquiries in the DMs within the first month.

If you are looking for more support with creating a strategy for yourself, we got you!

Check out our services here or book a free call to chat about how you can work with us.

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